Our team is obsessed with the urban fabric of our city. We want to conceive, design and build places that leave a lasting effect on the way the city interacts with itself. We’ve committed to making this our legacy and we want you to hold us to a higher standard.

Partnership really is at the heart of what we do. From our origins as a husband and wife team, we know that true partnerships bring unique aspects and different strengths of development together. We believe it’s our perfect synergy, our passion for excellence and our relentless pursuit of brilliance that makes PACASA work. We drive each other, our collaborators and our partners to achieve innovative and first class outcomes.

Practically speaking, we understand commercial. We’ve worked as lawyers and we have extensive experience in some of Melbourne’s most renowned development businesses. This means we’re comfortable with both the intricacies of deal-making and the ‘roll your sleeves up’ attitude that it takes to get things done.

“This city’s heartbeat is at my core. I understand it, I live and breathe it, so it’s only natural that I build on it. Design is woven into my DNA. I grew up in a design driven household, so on an almost cellular level I believe that development is a synergy between business and design.

I’m always looking for the next best way to contribute to our urban environment and create something new and exciting.

Having worked on large and small developments, I understand place at a macro and micro level. As a whole these experiences build my belief that first class outcomes are driven by collaboration, obsessive planning, intricate consideration and always challenging ourselves to do more and do it better.”

“Style with substance is my thing. I’m a perfectionist so every detail must be impeccably considered. I know I’m tough but I’m also confident that my obsession with perfection is the driving force that ensures PACASA always over delivers. Every time. It’s a given.”

Symphonies. Cities. Championships. Change. The only thing these all have in common is that they can not be achieved without the collaboration, cooperation and creativity of a team.

At PACASA, we work with the best in the industry.

Our collaborators Cera Stribley Architect’s Creative Director of Interior Design, Lucy Marczyk recently attended Milan Design Fair in search of inspiration. Milan Design Fair is the International launch week for everything relating to interior design. It’s a dynamic meeting of innovation and progress in the industry and a time for exploring international trends and inspiration.